Wow. Shew. Um...right hello everyone. My name is Pepper and I am a Service Dog who has just come to Cape Town to stay with the Lauren (who is meant to be Top Dog, but that is debatable). This is the first time that I have written anything. Uncle Fred who is Lauren's first Service Dog seems to do this very easily. But it is hard. Are you writing down everything that I say, Lauren? please don't. Please. Don't. Okay.

Lauren says that my full name is, the Rt Hon Capt Paddington Pepper, DHH. I am new here. I was also born in Johannesburg but my parents are hunting dogs. I was given to Guide Dogs as a present and they trained me to be a Service Dog. Then I came to Cape Town to be Lauren's Service Dog. But Uncle Fred is Lauren's Service Dog. He has taught me lots of things like, don't listen to Lauren 100% of the time. 80% is good enough for her. Life is confusing.

Lauren tells me to do something and out of the corner of my eye I can see Uncle Fred pretending to ignore us. Then Lauren gets cross when I don't do it. And Uncle Fred still does nothing. Then Lauren treats me to a biscuit when I finally do what she wants. And Uncle Fred is right there also asking for a biscuit. He does get one for doing nothing. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.