It is not always ms

Surreptitious. That's how I would describe it. Quietly. Almost imperceptibly. My feet became more swollen. Poor circulation - I can no longer walk so isn't it obvious that my feet would become more swollen. I have difficulty in moving about. Everything is just a little more difficult. Well I am into secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, so isn't that what I should be expecting? Yes my tummy is looking rather big. I do try to exercise to keep my muscles a little bit in tone. I have physiotherapy to keep me as mobile as possible. But if my tummy muscles become more lax, is that not just part of the general downward spiral of secondary progressive multiple sclerosis? I love drinking water now that I have my catheter. Gives me energy. But something strange is happening. I drink up to 2 L a day. Undiluted water. And I only pass 250 mL urine. Strange. And look - my ankles have totally disappeared. And I used to have knees like my legs are so swollen I can't see them any more. It has been a terribly hot summer. My circulation just couldn't keep up so I will need tighter stockings.

So I made an appointment with my neurologist. Then my physiotherapist had not seen me two weeks, commented on how swollen my face was looking. I had been suffering from burning feet. Maybe it's all to do with - What?

So we decided that I should go into hospital. And my neurologist immediately put me under a physician who immediately referred me to a nephrologist. Though after a kidney biopsy was able to diagnose, conclusively, nephrotic syndrome. I was on the brink of kidney failure. Now hear this: THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS.


I spent almost 3 weeks in hospital, a week in critical care. I came in looking and feeling like a beached whale and left having shed over 10 kg and lost litres of fluid that had escaped from my kidneys before reaching the bladder. My muscles were clogged. No wonder I could hardly move them.

A salutary lesson. Just because you have multiple sclerosis, you are not immune from anything else.

As usual, I had to weave a tale. So here it is.

So, ms has nothing to do with this? I know differently. MS was a little bored so he slipped into the bloodstream and came across my kidneys. To be precise, the nephrons (sort of filter in the kidneys).

"Hey,Nephy, how about raising a bit of havoc? Just loosen up a little bit. Let a little bit though. Like proteins. Oh you lucky devil, let's see what we can do. By the way, this idea came from you. Not me. I had nothing to do with it. Okay?"

And Nephy obliged.